Terms of use 

1. Scope of application

The GTC apply to the entry service on the site thevegantopspots.com provided and administered by WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH Poelchaukamp 7B, 22301 Hamburg, Germany,  also „thevegantopspots.com“). thevegantopspots.com offers this service to its customers exclusively on the basis of these GTC. By booking on www.thevegantopspots.com you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Terms and conditions of the advertiser do not apply, unless thevegantopspots.com has agreed to their inclusion in writing. In addition to and subordinate to these General Terms and Conditions, the Admission Guidelines for www.thevegantopspots.com shall apply. If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions, you may not access or use the content of the services

2. Services

The contractual services result from the respective product description on thevegantopspots.com or, in the case of additional agreements, the information on the respective order forms. Service descriptions can be changed by WVM Vegan verlags GmbH as long as the changed service does not deviate significantly and is economically at least equivalent.

WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH cooperates in its network with other websites and the „Welt Vegan Magazin“ published by WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH. Within the framework of this cooperation, WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH endeavors to enable the advertisers to achieve a wider distribution of the advertiser’s content in addition to the services booked and owed on thevegantopspots.com. The customer agrees to this cooperation. The advertiser is aware that he acquires no legal claim to the additional distribution of his advertisements in the network of WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH unless otherwise expressly stipulated in the contract. The customer can contradict the additional publications of his data in the network of the WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH – individually or altogether – at any time by e-mail to office@worldveganmagazine.com.

WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH offers the entry service on thevegantopspots.com with the inclusion of generally accessible information from the Internet, which can lead to third parties storing, passing on and processing this information without WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH being able to reliably prevent this.

WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH explicitly points out that the simultaneous linking of websites of competitors of the contractual partner on www.thevegantopsspots.com is not excluded.

3 Responsibility of the contractual partner

WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH links the website of the contractual partner on thevegantopspots.com. The contractual partner bears the sole responsibility for the contents on his website.The advertiser bears sole responsibility for any incomplete, incorrect information on his website.

3.2 Links and search results
WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH has no control over the linked websites or their content. WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH cannot guarantee, declare or warrant that the content contained on these websites is accurate, legal and/or offensive. WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH does not endorse the content of any party’s website, nor do we guarantee that it will not contain viruses or otherwise affect your computer. By using the services on www.thevegantopspots.com you agree that you may not make any claim against WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH for any damage or loss resulting from your use of the services on www.thevegantopspots.com.

4. Rights of WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH

WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH is entitled to refuse entries on thevegantopspots.com or to delete them temporarily or permanently, in particular in case of violation of the inclusion guidelines or if there are concrete indications that the linked website violates the rights of third parties or applicable law. This applies in particular, but not exclusively, in the event of a warning by a third party that is not obviously unfounded. This shall also apply if the contents of the Contractual Partner’s web pages refer to pages with infringing contents or if a link is established to such pages. If the contractual partner does not succeed in proving the legality within a reasonable period of time set by WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH, WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH is also entitled to extraordinary termination of the contract.

In the event of a justified extraordinary termination by WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH, the claim for remuneration by WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH remains unaffected; a claim for repayment of remuneration already paid is excluded.

5. Foreign contents

The advertiser bears sole responsibility for the content of his website. WVM Verlags GmbH reserves the right to delete the entry on thevegantopspots.com that does not comply with the attached listing guidelines, without affecting the claim to payment of the agreed remuneration.

The contractual partner shall indemnify WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH against all claims of third parties, which these third parties assert against WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH in connection with the published contents on thevegantopspots.com due to a violation of rights by the posting on thevegantopspots.com itself, and shall be liable for all costs incurred by WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH in this connection, including all attorney’s fees and court costs.

WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH has its registered office in Hamburg, Germany. WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH does not assume any responsibility that the contents of the websites of the contracting parties that are available via the platform www.thevegantopspots.com comply with the respective applicable jurisdiction of the country in which the contracting party has its place of jurisdiction.

6. Publication and usage rights

When booking the services on www.thevegantopspots.com the contracting party grants WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH the royalty-free, locally unlimited, irrevocable and non-exclusive right, including the right to grant sublicenses to contracting parties or subcontractors, to use all content (such as images) on the contracting party’s website for the entire duration of the contract. The Contractual Partner shall be entitled to publish all content (e.g. images) on the website of the Contractual Partner in a manner in accordance with the Agreement, in particular on the Internet and in mobile applications („Apps“), irrespective of the end device and platform, for the purpose of disseminating the offers of the Contractual Partner. The Contractual Partner may object to this agreement at any time by sending an e-mail to redaktion@weltveganmagazin.de.

7 Remuneration

The remuneration is to be paid prior to the placement and linking of the website of the contracting party on www.thevegantopspots.com.

WVM Verlags GmbH is entitled to offset payments against the services owed at its own discretion and, if several debt relationships exist between it and the contracting partner, to determine which debt relationship and which services owed are to be offset against payments.

If the contracting party decides to delete its entry on thevegantopspots.com during the term of the contract, the pro rata annual fee shall be charged to the contracting party.The pro rata annual fee will not be refunded, unless WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH is at fault, which entitles the contractual partner to terminate the contract without notice.

Permissible payment methods are Paypal and credit card. WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH reserves the right to exclude certain payment methods in individual cases.

In case of return debit notes for which the contractual partner is responsible, WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH shall charge a flat processing fee of EUR 10.00 per debit note. 

8 Term and termination

The cancellation of the paid entries and links has to be made in writing by one of the contracting parties at the latest 14 days before the end of the respective contract term. The letter of termination can be by e-mail to office@worldveganmagazin.com, or by mail to WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH, Poelchaukamp 7b, 22301 Hamburg, Germany.

If the advertiser orders a value-added service in addition to the purchased product (e.g. the publication of further store entries on www.thevegantopspots.com), the contract for these services shall have the same term as the remaining term of the contract for the basic entry at the time of the conclusion of this contract.

In all other respects, the term of the contract shall be governed by the provisions set forth in the respective contract on which these GTC are based.

Termination for good cause shall remain unaffected. An important reason for termination without notice by WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH exists in particular if the advertiser is in arrears with a considerable part of the payment and does not pay after two reminders with an appropriate deadline.

9. Warranty exclusions

WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH does not assume any warranty for the uninterrupted retrievability of the content to be published or published by it on www.thevegantopspots.com.

Due to defects which only insignificantly impair the achievement of the purpose of use, the warranty is excluded. In the case of free services, any warranty is excluded; these services can also be discontinued at any time in their entirety or in relation to the advertiser; a legal claim to publication of the entry is not established in the case of free services.

WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH does not guarantee a certain number of contacts, for example in the form of retrievals of the published content. A permanent, fixed position in the ranking is not promised.

The liability for a fault of contractual partners of WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH is excluded, as far as legally permissible. Excluded from this is the liability for intentional breaches of duty as well as for breaches of essential contractual obligations.

10. Data processing / contacting

The contractual partner agrees that the payment data will be stored at WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH and used and processed for the execution of thevegantopspots.com.

WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH may contact the contractual partner by e-mail or telephone regarding the services to be provided.

11. Miscellaneous

German law shall apply.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all claims based on this contract as well as all disputes arising between the parties concerning the conclusion, execution or termination of the contract is – insofar as the advertiser is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law – Hamburg as the registered office of WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH. This agreement on the place of jurisdiction also applies to contractual partners who do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany. It does not apply if the legal dispute concerns other than property claims or if an exclusive place of jurisdiction is established for the action.

Admission guidelines company profiles on thevegantopspots.com

1. Basic principles

Only contractual partners will be included that are not obviously unlawful, untruthful or irrelevant.

2. Profiles of the contracting party

Profile details

The correct company name, current address, and type of business as well as the official website must be sent to WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH by e-mail to @office@worldveganmagazine.com.


The responsibility for the content of the website of the contracting party lies exclusively with the contracting party. The WVM Vegan Verlags GmbH reserves the right to warn and if necessary to block websites linked on the portal for the general assurance of the quality.

3. Reasons for rejection

The website of the potential contractual partner contains extremist content or content glorifying violence. 

Contents about weapons are not allowed. 

The presented contents are not youth-friendly, i.e. do not correspond to the protection of minors according to FSK 16. 

The offer and/or the services of the potential contractual partner on its website are not vegan to a sufficient extent.